Social Media Optimization (SMO)

SMO works best as an integral part of a strong content marketing strategy should be managed by experienced professionals. We have developed a thorough understanding of how to exploit social media channels for maximum generation and retention of new business in the healthcare sector. We understand that internet users want instant gratification when it comes to finding answers to their queries and our objective is to achieve the degree of social visibility for your hospital that yields the best results.

Facebook Page Management & Promotions

Publishing Practice News, Promotions, Events, and Other Happenings on Facebook Page

We assign a dedicated account manager for you who keeps tap of happenings at your practice and converts them into great posts.

Promoting Practice Page Amongst Patients and Local Community FB Groups

We will identify the relevant FB groups in your area and promote your practice in those groups through our ambassador profiles.

Top Trending Posts on Your FB Page

Every week, we dig out the top trending posts related to your specialty and publish it on your FB page.

Our Facebook Program Entails

Strengthen Patient Communication

Market Your Practice

Educate Your Patients

Raise Brand Awareness

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

Social media networks are extremely effective channels for marketing your hospital to your target audience. That’s why optimizing your social media presence is crucial to ensure you get maximum visibility and a healthy conversion rate on any inquiries you get via the networks. While Facebook and Twitter might seem trite to many medical professionals, there are significant advantages in maintaining a good social presence, perhaps most importantly as a mechanism to get new patients through the door.

Social media is now an accepted channel for promotion and lead generation in business and yet many healthcare providers still question its value. Although navigating online society may seem daunting and pointless, there are significant advantages that highlight the importance of a strong social media presence for hospitals today.