Purpose of E-mail Marketing

Manage relationships with existing patients

Create a sense of community to garner patient loyalty

Foster trust relationships with future patients

Significantly improve your patient retention

The Power of the Newsletter

Patient retention is an issue for most hospitals; luckily, there are ways we can improve your hospital’s stats through clever email marketing. 

Keeping a patient on board once you have them signed up requires relationship management. By consistently communicating with your hospital’s patient community and the wider prospect base, we help you nurture relationships that are based on clear lines of communication between all parties.

It’s important that you remain engaged with your retention marketing so as to remain consistent and that’s where we can be of service. When you’re encouraging loyalty in others, it makes sense to show your loyalty to them and regular emails in their inboxes are a great way of achieving that.

The Key Benefits of Email Marketing

Although it’s easy to assume patients know everything your hospital has to offer based on common sense alone, that’s not always the case. We use email marketing to tell your audience exactly what’s on offer at your hospital and answer any other questions they may have too. Perhaps someone has a health issue they aren’t aware you can meet the needs of? To retain your patients effectively, we keep them in the loop with email marketing so they know exactly where to come when they need medical assistance.

Email marketing facilitates better relationships with your patients and encourages loyalty going forward. By consistently delivering compelling content that allays fears or misconceptions and encourages confidence in your services our professional email marketing services keep you in the forefront of your patient community’s mind when it comes to anything health-related. We also create a sense of belonging with email marketing that improves your connection with existing and potential patients for significantly improved retention.

A consistent email marketing strategy will significantly increase the likelihood of your patients following up and following through with preventative care. You can use this marketing medium to provide your patients with facts about important healthcare issues and increase their awareness as to how they can take preventative measures. You can also use case studies and patient testimonials as social proof that to encourage other patients to follow your care plans too.